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Justin Bieber Brings His ‘Johnson’ To The MTV VMAs

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Britney Spears isn’t the only pop star fond of bringing boa constrictors to the MTV Video Music Awards.

On Sunday night, the Canadian superstar singer brought a little reptile with him to the awards show.

“It’s a boa constrictor,” the teenage prankster and pop star told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson on the red carpet as he carried the reptile into the event.

While a source told Access Hollywood for a story published on Saturday that “Punk’d” is returning to MTV,  with Justin Bieber having pranked Taylor Swift for the first episode back (a premiere date has not yet been announced), Justin was straight faced when he revealed what the snake is called.

“His name’s Johnson. I’m serious,” Justin said, adding, “You want to hold my Johnson?”

When Britney brought a snake to the VMAs back in 2001 she used it in her “I’m A Slave 4 U” performance, but Justin had another reason.

Why though?” Shaun asked, referring to Justin dragging the snake along to the event.

“Why not?” Justin replied.

And he was ready to introduce Johnson (a friend’s snake) to girlfriend Selena Gomez later in the evening.

“Selena’s… She’s going to like it,” he said.


Tags: award show - mtv vmas, canadian celebrities, celebrity pets / animals, justin bieber, music / musician

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