The Anti-Kardashian Lauren Conrad reveals her sponsorship strategy

While the Kardashians continue to promote everything under the sun (silly bandz, rip-off credit cards) and show up to the opening of a toilet (see below), Lauren Conrad is far more selective. In her latest blog for Forbes she details how she chooses companies to promote.

Kimmycakes promoting asswipes. Lauren promoting Reeses peanut butter cups.

A good number of companies first approached me to sponsor their brands while I was on Laguna Beach. From the moment I received my first offer I knew I had to be selective. Working with the wrong company could potentially distort my image and ultimately chip away at the faith of my fans. A sponsorship makes sense only when the company or product aligns with the qualities of my overall brand and most importantly, my personal interests.

The most important lesson I’ve learned when it comes to associating yourself with another brand is to be selective. The sponsorships you turn down are just as important as the ones you agree to—it’s vital to work with companies that are harmonious with your brand. Let’s say I was to randomly promote a professional sports network. This would be an automatic red flag to my fans since I have zero connection with sports and wouldn’t make any sense. By being selective, I strengthen the connection with my fans as well as their confidence in me.

Lauren shows you how to do her famous braid.

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