Lisa Kudrow has a discerning/pressed son

Lisa Kudrow admits there’s one man she can’t impress — her son!

The former Friends actress says her 13-year-old son is less enamored with her jokes on her old show and would much rather watch Jim Carrey movies. “He doesn’t really think I am funny at all,” Lisa revealed.

He will say ‘Mom you are funny, but no offense, Jim Carrey is funnier’. I’ll say ‘OK, no offense taken.’ Then he will go on ‘And Steve Carrell, and Will Ferrell‘ and the list will go on! He brings me down to earth.”

Lisa recently insisted she’s grateful to her Friends character Phoebe Buffay for showing her how to have fun. “Thanks to Phoebe, I don’t have to worry — I can have fun,” she said. “Phoebe was very far from who I was as a person. But part of her definitely rubbed off on me, inspired me to be more optimistic.”


Let's celebrate this underrated comedienne and give her the love that her son refuses to imo!