Daisy Lowe calls her girl parts her "nunny", remains better than you.

Daisy Lowe's parents not thrilled about her Playboy shoot.

Since none of us here at HM have ever taken our clothes off for a magazine spread, or in some cases, for anything other than invasive surgical procedures, we couldn't possibly comment on Daisy Lowe's surprise at her family's reaction to September's Playboy spread.

Except to say (you knew we couldn't resist) that most parents aren't that happy to have Playboy in the house, never mind one with their naked child in the middle. In fact, that exact scenario's probably a particular recurring nightmare. Having said that, unlike Daisy, we've only managed to grow ourselves a cracking set of tits fairly recently (thank you, Morrisons' five-pies-for-a-pound) so perhaps we're not really in a position to judge.

"When I did the shoot it was just me and the photographer. I didn't think about the whole world seeing me naked. Everyone can see my nunny. My gran was cool and said, 'If you've got it, flaunt it'. But mum and dad weren't so impressed."

Oh well. Parents eh? If they're not lying to you about who they really are, then they're telling you not to show the whole world your baby apparatus. Talk about double standards.

oh rly cos...

Pearl Lowe: 'She Knows What She's Doing.'

Pearl Lowe insists her model daughter Daisy Lowe made the right decision to pose naked for Playboy magazine because she will be able to look back at the photos with pride when she is older.

Daisy Lowe will be proud of her naked Playboy photo shoot when she's older, her mother Pearl Lowe has claimed. The songwriter-and-fashion designer's model daughter posed nude for the September edition of Hugh Hefner's men's magazine and Pearl believes Daisy was right to bare all while she is young because she has the "most incredible body".

The 41-year-old star said: "I don't really mind (she did the shoot), she's done so many of those kind of things and she's 22 - I can't really say, 'Right you mustn't do this!' At the end of the day, she has the most incredible body of anyone I've ever known. Why not show it off, then she can look back when she's older and say, 'Look at me!' . It's her career and I've never got involved in it. Daisy is a very clever girl, and she knows what she's doing. She's much more business inclined than I am."

The former Powder singer - who is married to Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey - has praised her daughter's voluptuous figure and claims all models should have Daisy's curves. In an interview with Britain's Star magazine, Pearl said: "I love girls who have bodies - my dresses are made for normal women with bums. I just understand why they use these stick-thin models.

I think Daisy should be the top, top model ever, and more women should look like her. (iawtc) She's a curvy girl, but at the moment she's skinny because she's been working out. She still has her curves and likes her food. I think she just wanted to be really healthy, but she's still eating and still has her boobs."

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lol pearl always manages to sound like such a loser/creep when she talks about daisy, ilh