The Amazing Homo Race!

For those of you that watch The Amazing Race 9, you are pretty familiar with frat boys Eric & Jeremy. The self-proclaimed ladies men spend half of each episode talking about chicks and how many chicks they bang, etc... But this new photograph evidence proves that maybe they really are the swinger sense.

The other two men featured are another team on AR. They are BJ and Tyler, the hippies from San Francisco.

Anyway, these pictures were taken when BJ and Tyler visited Jeremy and Eric in Florida. They were taken in February after they raced and before the first airing.


I watch this show and these guys, the "Frat" boys, are such text book sexist pigs. Figures doesn't it?Last episode, they get to the pit stop, it's on a hill with a gorgeous pantheon. The host and a young Sicilian are waiting for teams to arrive and when the frat boys get there, one of them utters "Hottie!". I don't know why that bothered me so much. It just seemed so, I don't know, 6th grade. - Tyler's My Space - BJ's My Space