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SKINS: Where are they now?

I've been bored out of my skull recently so I compiled this Where Are They Now. It took me forever to do it! (No worries, I'm not including Skins US in this post so keep reading)

Generation 1

Nicholas Hoult

Probably the person most familiar to everyone, Nick Hoult has made a name for himself both in the UK and the US in recent years, starring in movies like A Single Man and X-Men: First Class. He is also the face of Tom Ford eyewear as of spring 2010. Hoult has two movies coming out in 2012--Warm Bodies and Jack the Giant Killer, in which he has the lead. It's also been rumored that he's dating Jennifer Lawrence, which is actually just awesome.

Mike Bailey

After posting some questionable things on Twitter, dissing Skins in the process, Mike Bailey kind of fell off the grid. In fact, the most recent picture I could find of him was from 2009 when he appeared in 1066: The Battle for Middle Earth. Also, someone on a message board posted a NSFW picture of him that I don't really want to find again. There were a few projects he was rumored to be involved in a few years back, but none of them seemed to come to fruition.

April Pearson

After Skins, April appeared in Tormented with ONTD favorite Pettyfer in 2009. It seems as though she was doing mostly theater work and living around Bristol, having appeared in two plays at Bristol's Old Vic in the spring and fall of 2009. From what I can gather on her Twitter, she's living in Worcester now and still active in the theater community (she just got back from Edinburgh Fringe Festival). 

Hannah Murray

Hannah went on to study at Queens College, Cambridge. She's had a multitude of film roles--Dorothy Savage in Marple: Why Didn't They Ask Evans?, Monica in Womb, Emily Wickenham in Above Suspicion: The Red Dahlia, and Emily in Chatroom (with fellow Skins alum Dan Kaluuya). On August 8, HBO confirmed that Hannah would be joining the cast of Game of Thrones as Gilly, yet again reuniting with a Skins alum, Joe Dempsie.

Joe Dempsie

Joe is/was the voice of Clearasil adverts in the UK (LOL forever). He did an episode of Dr. Who (series 4 episode 6), playing the character Cline. Dempsie also appeared in an episode of Merlin. In 2009, he was in The Damn United with Michael Sheen, Jim Broadbent, Timothy Spall and Stephen Graham. In 2010, he again returned to television for two episodes of This is England '86. Joe can currently be seen in HBO's Game of Thrones, where he plays the character of Gendry.

Larissa Wilson

Larissa's post-Skins work has been sporadic and under the radar for the most part. In 2008 she played Rebecca Webster in two episodes of Holby City. In 2009, she appeared in one episode of Kingdom as Donna and reunited with Skins alum April Pearson for Tormented. This year, she was in two episodes of The Sparticle Mystery as Anita and will be seen in the TV movie Shirley as the character of Iris. Larissa currently lives in London.

Mitch Hewer

The resident pretty-boy, Mitch has been doing a decent amount of magazine spreads since his run on Skins ended in 2008--he appeared on the cover of Attitude twice (though that was while Skins was airing), posed nude in Cosmopolitan in aid of testicular cancer research, and had a photospread in Troix earlier this year. He went on to play Danny Miller in Brittania High, though the show was canceled because of low ratings. Mitch also tried his hand at stage acting in 2009, appearing in Never Forget, a musical based on the songs of boy band Take That, in which he played the stripper Dirty Harry. He currently lives in Hollywood and is attempting to pursue acting in the US, most notably getting turned down for the role of Sam in Glee. Fun fact: his LA agents told him to lose some muscle because it was contributing to him not getting parts? Thank you, Twitter.

Dev Patel

Dev was in a little movie called Slumdog Millionaire  (fun fact: that's the reason I started watching Skins) and is still dating his co-star, Freida Pinto. He's awesome, but was unfortunately in The Last Airbender which flopped pretty hard. However, he's in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with Judi Dench, Bill Nighy and the flawless and perfect HBIC Maggie Smith which is in post-production right now and set for release either later this year or early next year.

Aimee Ffion-Edwards

Aimee appeared in the first episode of Casualty 1909 as Deborah Lynch. In 2009, she debuted in the London show Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth. She also appeared in an episode of Being Human in 2010. She was most recently seen as Jenny in series 2 of Luther alongside ONTD's fave sexy man Idris Elba and just made her Broadway debut reprising her role in Jerusalem.

Daniel Kaluuya

Dan is just generally hilarious on his Twitter, lives in Camden, writes and raps. He wrote Thomas's series 3 episode and his music was also featured in JJ's series 4 episode. He's been in an insane amount of TV shows and movies after Skins and has TV series The Fades coming up with Joe Dempsie and generation 2's Lily Loveless. Most notably, he appeared in Chatroom with Hannah Murray, can currently be seen as the lead character in Psychoville and will be seen later on in 2011 with Rowan Atkinson in Johnny English Reborn. In 2010 he played Leon Davidson in the Roy Williams play Sucker Punch, for which he won the Evening Standard Award and the Critics' Circle Theater Award for Outstanding Newcomer.

Generation 2

Kaya Scodelario

Kaya played Peshek in 2010's remake of Clash of the Titans. She's also signed to modeling agency Models 1 and has done tons of photospreads in various magazines. She recently filmed the role of Cathy in Wuthering Heights, which is set to premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September 2011. She just recently booked roles in UK thriller Twenty8k, in the role of Sally Weaver, and the film Now is Good alongside Dakota Fanning. Both are expecting a 2012 release. She will begin filming Stay With Me in November 2011 and is reportedly starring in Invisible. Kaya lives in Camden and is currently dating fellow actor Elliott Tittensor from Shameless.

Lisa Backwell

(far right)

I can't find much about Lisa. Her IMDB page states that she was in a short film called Ella, where she portrayed the title role. Lisa also starred alongside Keira Knightley and Elisabeth Moss in The Children's Hour on the West End earlier this year. I'm assuming she either lives in Bristol or London.

Merv Lukeba

Merv pissed a lot of Skins fans off when series 4 was airing, dissing fellow cast members Kat Prescott and Lily Loveless in the process. He enjoys re-tweeting everyone who says they loved Thomas. In 2010 he appeared in the first episode of Bloody Foreigners. I believe that Merv lives in London now and he is still good friends with co-stars Jack O'Connell and Ollie Barbieri.

Jack O'Connell

Jack has had one of the most successful post-Skins careers in his generation. He will be in a movie later this year called The Weekender. He starred in The Runaway, a Sky mini-series that aired in March and April of this year. Jack can also be seen this year in UnitedShelterTower Block and U Want Me 2 Kill Him? He seems to split time between his hometown of Derby and London. He is also friends with Lauren Socha of Misfits, who is from Derby as well.

Luke Pasqualino

After his wildly unpopular death by baseball bat, he landed roles in a number of TV series and films. He can currently be seen as Paolo in the Showtime series The Borgias. Luke has The Apparition coming up alongside Harry Potter alum Tom Felton and Twilight's Ashley Greene. He also landed the role of William "Husker" Adama in the upcoming Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome. Luke currently lives in London.

Ollie Barbieri

Ollie was in Anuvahood, which came out earlier this year. A bunch of former and current Skins stars came out to support him at the premiere, including Lily Loveless, Kat Prescott, Meg Prescott and Sean Teale. He and Kat are also currently featured in the Cornetto adverts. Ollie currently lives in his hometown of Bath.

Megan Prescott

Meg is the reigning queen of Twitter, regularly tweeting about her multiple cats and the genius of harem pants. She took a gap year between Skins and university and is currently studying at uni, though I'm not sure which one. She has stated she wants to return to acting at some point but expresses a natural fear of doing so. 

Kathryn Prescott

Kat seems to be pursuing acting a bit more than her sister is. She filmed the pilot of Goths but I couldn't find any news on whether or not it was picked up. Kat can also be seen as Michelle in the film Lethal. Kat currently studies psychology at university. She is in the Cornetto adverts with fellow castmate Ollie Barbieri.

Lily Loveless

Lily filmed a pilot for the show Touch in 2010, which was written by former Skins writer Jack Thorne. It doesn't seem like the series got picked up. She's attached to another Jack Thorne project, The Fades, alongside Dan Kaluuya and Joe Dempsie of generation 1. She recently played Sadie in Sky Living's Bedlam alongside Freddie's murderer and T Love, the man who told Freddie to get his shit together. Her IMDB also lists two other 2011 projects--The Sarah Jane Adventures and Sket. Lily currently lives in London. 

Klariza Clayton

After Skins, Klariza starred alongside Michael Caine in Harry Brown. She also guest-starred on EastEnders as Lian. She's currently on the Nickelodeon children's soap opera, House of Anubis as Joy. Klariza lives in London.

Source: Google, Google Images, the cast's Twitters (@prillson, @larissawilson89, @jack__OC, @LucaPasqualino, @KlarizaClayton, @MervLukeba, @Kaluuya, @lovelessandmore, @kayascollywogs, @OllieBarbieri, @Meg_Prescott, @mitchhewer1), IMDB and Wikipedia filmography.

Skins nostalgia welcome and encouraged. This post brought to you by bb Nick Hoult. Again, this took me forever and a day so I hope it gets accepted! Feel free to correct me on any mistakes I've made/give updates that you know of and I'll add them in!

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