more celebrities copying Brandy

As a follow up to this post: even more celebrities are allegedly copying Brandy! And here's continuing proof(?) of the other pop stars (especially Lady Gaga & Rihanna) copying Brandy


Umbrella copying the Afrodisiac video

“When I buy an album I hate when I have to skip songs and I just have two songs to listen to. Brandy’s Afrodisiac album really helped to inspire that as well, because that album I listen to all day, all night. When I was in the studio that was the album that I listened to all the time and I really admired that every song was a great song. You could listen to the entire album. And I was like, ”You know what? I have to make an album like this.”
- Rihanna on copying Brandy

Lady Gaga copying Brandy

(where did that mole come from, gaga??)

Connection between Brandy's Afrodisiac & Gaga's BTW video. Read below for the TRUTH about this video thieving



(another suspicious beauty mark)

(nice hair, brit)


Kelly Rowland!

Taylor Swift

Nicki Minaj


Laurieann Gibson on copying Brandy

Wonder why Lady Gaga’s Born This Way video copied Brandy’s Afrodisiac video?
Laurieann Gibson (seen above with Brandy & Gaga) COPIED dance moves from Brandy’s video for Lady Gaga. About the Afrodisiac video, Gibsons stated “[Brandy] has designed her own routine.” So, why did you steal Brandy’s moves and ideas?

50 Cent

Jessica Simpson

The Queen is even in on it

(this one is reaching tbh)

Jennifer Lopez (I guess stealing Brandy's songs was not enough)

Tilda Swinton

Avatar copying one of Brandy's videos

Katy Perry