new CK ad causing controversy?

Remember when Calvin Klein was super risque in the ’90s (think Brooke Shields​ and Kate Moss​ and nothing comes between them and their Calvins)? Well he’s baaack.

18-year-old model Barbara Palvin appears to be taking the term “Forbidden Euphoria” quite literally in the new ads for Calvin Klein’s new fragrance of the same name. According to a press release about the scent via scent site Fragrantica ‘Forbidden Pleasures’ is dedicated to the ‘independent woman’ and has ‘appealing intoxicating notes that seduce from the first stroke.’ ‘Independent woman,’ ‘first stroke,’ do I really have to spell this out? Plus the bottle looks a lot like a vibrator. The scent launches this September.


I think it's gross tbh. barbara is perfect but she still looks like a little girl. btw I'm pretty sure she's not even 18 yet so the article is w r o n g

btw the article is apparently referencing this vibrator (wtf who would buy that?)