Andrea (_andrea) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Big Brother Spoilers

A new HOH has been crowned.....


Despite Danielle winning, this season still sucks because......

- Kalia = Worst player in big brother history.
- Shelly = Annoying as hell.
- Lawonderful is gone :(... and it was probably the fakest/most planned goodbye. I wonder how much he was paid to offer to go up on the block by CBS.
- Rachel = Takes up half the show crying ... with no tears.
- I expect CBS to focus solely on Brendon and Rachel crying all week long.
- JJ and BR will be deciding factors in the jury house, and the house is still waited in the JJBR's favour.
- Jeff is still a homophobic, and I love how CBS hides this on television... meanwhile if it was a newbie saying the stuff Jeff says, I bet you they'd air it to change the public's opinion.
- Jordan keeps complaining about floaters, but remains the biggest floater in BB history.
- And more!!

Done with this show........

Source: My Free Live Feeds of the Big Brother House

Tags: big brother (reality show), spoilers, television - cbs
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