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"Parks and Recreation" Post

UCB-LA | Gravid Water | 08.07.11

In UCB’s monthly show, Gravid Water, an actor and improvisor are paired up. They do not know who they’re paired up with until the night, nor does the improvisor know what play the actor will be reading from.

Here Aubrey Plaza (actor), talks about wanting to make out with a boy. Amy Poehler (improvisor) places the scene in a fast food restaurant, eventually closing it up to practice making out with Aubrey.

(No, I didn’t take pictures of it, you scumbags.)

You can view more pictures here

Aziz Ansari on Conan

Meh... watch it here
When you're ready, I will have your babies, Aziz.

Twitter Stuff

Adam Scott in BUST Magazine

“C’mon,” Adam Scott says to me with an extremely skeptical look on his face, his head tilted and an eyebrow cocked. “Really?” I’m pretty sure I’ve just embarrassed the hell out of the ridiculously humble Parks and Recreation star by breaking the news that discerning BUST readers all over the country think he’s pretty damn crushworthy—a sex symbol for the thinking girl, if you will. “Well, I guess that’s better than the dumb girl’s sex symbol,” the low-key 38-year-old says before breaking into a self-effacing laugh. “I do notice that those who come up to say hello always tend to be smart, cool people who I would like to hang out with. They seem like they would be friends of mine,” he continues before reconsidering with a shake of his head. “The way I just said that made it sound like i’m fucking cool and all of my friends better be fucking cool or I’m going to be friends with them. That is not what I meant.” | Adam Scott | BUST Magazine, August 2011

More from the "30 Minutes or Less" premiere


I want to meet Adam Scott. :(

lol Aziz is on autopilot.

Rashida Jones Talks Future ‘Parks And Recreation’ Romance & ‘Being Mean’ To The Muppets

Rashida Jones recently faced a challenge of epic proportion on the set of an upcoming film --being “mean” to the Muppets.

“I play an executive at a TV network who gives them a shot, and I’m kind of a little bit mean to the Muppets, which was hard for me!” Rashida told Access Hollywood of her role in the upcoming “Muppets” movie at the junket for her new comedy, “Our Idiot Brother,” in Beverly Hills. “[It was] very hard for me. It was tough.”

Though her hard-nosed network exec initially boasts a tough exterior, Rashida said she eventually gives the beloved puppets a chance.

“I’m just stressed out – like most executives,” she explained, defending her character in the film — slated to hit theaters in November.

In addition to her numerous big screen projects, Rashida is back at work on the small screen for Season 4 of her NBC hit comedy, “Parks and Recreation,” and the 35-year-old said fans of the show should expect a bit of lingering chemistry between her character (Ann Perkins) and her former on-screen flame, Chris Traeger (hilariously played by Rob Lowe).

“Ann and Chris definitely have a little bit of tension this year,” she told Access. “We spend a lot of time together.”

However, their rekindled friendship doesn’t necessarily mean the pair will reunite romantically.

“There’s more kind of… realizations on Ann’s part that she was kind of like, obsessed with [Chris] in an unhealthy way,” she told Access of her character’s cautiously renewed relationship with her former beau. “And maybe he’s a little crazier than she thought he was.

“She was blinded by his hotness – which happens in life,” she added with a laugh.

Joining the sitcom this season is former “Six Feet Under” star Patricia Clarkson, who will play “Tammy 1” — the infamous first wife of Ron Swanson (played by Nick Offerman) – and Rashida said the cast is beyond thrilled to welcome Patricia.

“I’m so excited. [I] love her. Love, love, love her!” Rashida raved. “And it’s really nice because she’s a fan of the show.”

Catch Rashida, alongside Paul Rudd, Emily Deschanel, Elizabeth Banks and Emily Mortimer, when “Our Idiot Brother” hits theaters on August 26.

“Parks and Recreation” returns to NBC when Season 4 premieres on September 22.

Aziz Ansari and Jesse Eisenberg Interviews

Ask Ausiello

Question: There is a void in my life, and it has Parks and Recreation written all over it. Please fill it for me? — Sheryl
Ausiello: How’s about I let Jim O’Heir (Jerry) and Retta (Donna) do it for me? In the season premiere, she says, “We start off the minute the finale ended. But you don’t get to meet Tammy 1 until the second episode.” And if you think you’re excited about Patricia Clarkson’s arrival on the scene, you ain’t got nothin’ on Retta. “I was obsessed with Six Feet Under,” she shares. Anything Donna-centric to add? “I’m hoping I get a [Mercedes] upgrade to a newer year,” the actress jokes, in character. What about poor old Jerry? “I still have the wife and kids, and I’m still being picked on,” says O’Heir. Sorry I asked. I meant to ask about Leslie and Ben. “All the people out there who love Ben will go crazy in Episode 3. In a good way,” he teases. “He does some really lovely stuff."

"Our Idiot Brother" Stuff

Nick Offerman hosting the Television Critics Association Awards

Emmys grant producer credit to Amy Poehler, Mark Wahlberg

When the Emmy nominations were announced on July 14 the names of producers were not yet listed on the program categories. That's because it takes a few weeks for officials to confirm the producers' credits to make sure they qualify. Some stars such as Tina Fey, for example, work hard behind the scenes as writer-producers, but others do little while insisting upon producer credit as an ego trip.

Below is the list of some notable celebrities who picked up additional nods and could win a non-acting Emmy this year:

"The Office" -- Steve Carell, Ricky Gervais, Mindy Kaling, B.J. Novak

"Parks and Recreation" -- Amy Poehler

"30 Rock" -- Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey

"Boardwalk Empire" -- Martin Scorsese, Mark Wahlberg

"Dexter" -- Michael C. Hall

"The Good Wife" -- Ridley Scott, Tony Scott

In addition, the removal of the individual variety performance category two years ago means that hosts are now included with their program nominations. If the show wins, the host wins. That provides extra nods for Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Bill Maher, Conan O'Brien and Jon Stewart plus Ricky Gervais (Golden Globes), Sean Hayes (Tony Awards), James Franco (Oscars) and Anne Hathaway (Oscars).

WTF Podcast - Episode 199 - Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza deadpans her way into the garage at the Cat Ranch. The “Parks and Recreation” star talks about surviving a stroke, stalking Fred Armisen, hiding from Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen, and living in Astoria, Queens. Plus, Marc comes to terms with getting older while still liking new things. listen

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Watch "30 Minutes or Less" this weekend.
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