Andrea (_andrea) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Big Brother Spoilers

Who got evicted? Who got voted back in? What dumb twist happened?

When it came to Lawon and Rachel.

Lawon was evicted and would have to challenge a past houseguest for re-entry into the Big Brother household.

America Voted (*cough* rigged *cough*) Brendon back to face the evicted houseguest (Lawon) for a chance at re-entry into the Big Brother House

Who won between Brendon and Lawon? In a game that involved speed, precision and a bit of thinking??



Meaning, Lawon was sent backing, and Brendon is now competing again in the Big Brother house.

And I am now completely done with this awful season.

So sick of everything being rigged for a couple to win. Brenchal need to gtfo, and I'm sick of CBS catering to them. I feel CBS want the two phonies to win in order to give them a dream wedding.

Sooo over all this.

Source: MY TV

(Sorry if I sound illiterate within this post. The twist was so dumb, unnecessary and could have been way better. Also, it was so hard to convey in words.)
Tags: big brother (reality show), reality show, television - cbs
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