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Barefoot Bandit Signs $1.3 Mil Movie Deal With 20th Century Fox

Barefoot Bandit Colton Harris-Moore has signed a movie deal with 20th Century Fox worth up to $1.3 million, his lawyers tells his local Everett, Wash. Daily Herald newspaper.

He will put the money toward the $1.4 million he owes as restitution to victims of his two-year crime spree.

"I did things that were not only a violation of law, but also of trust," Harris-Moore said a written statement released by his attorneys. "I can't undo what I did. I can only try to make things better."

He said he wanted the statement to be read by the people of Camano Island and the San Juan Islands, "where I was born and raised."

He said he would only sign if his victims would be repaid.

"I am humbled to know I can now help the people I hurt, at least for the financial damage I caused them," Harris-Moore wrote. "I have absolutely zero interest in profiting from any of this and I won't make a dime off it. It all goes to restitution. That's what I insisted on from the beginning and the contract I signed guarantees it."

His Seattle-based entertainment lawyer Lance Rosen says, "It's very unusual for this kind of money to paid for anyone's life story rights,"

It covers movie and ancillary rights.

His defense attorney John Henry Browne says Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black is penning the script, along with Harris-Moore.

"Nobody knows the nitty-gritty of Colton's story," Browne said.

The Barefoot Bandit was finally caught in February 2007 and sentenced to three years in juvenile detention after a wild crime spree that ended when he crashed an airplane he taught himself to fly in Washington.


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