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USA's Suits Renewed For 2nd Season

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If you are a fan of opposing counsels getting it on, college dropouts making mockeries of mock trials, and law firms whose employees are always ready with a witty comeback, then I have good news. USA Network has renewed new legal drama Suits for second season! And that's not all: Season 2 will run for sixteen episodes, up from Season 1's twelve, so you'll get four more episodes' worth of fine formal duds.

Suits follows a college dropout with a brilliant mind who accidentally lands a job at one of the city's best law firms. Totally plausible! Beyond that it's pretty much your standard, light-hearted legal drama where comical zingers and salacious side sessions outweigh actual law practice.

The most recent episode of Suits drew 4 million viewers and a 1.3 rating among adults, even against the premiere of Jersey Shore's set-in-Italy fourth season.

Suits airs Thursday nights at 10pm on USA.

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