Kanye falls during All of the Lights-performance in Norway


On the Kanye West concert in Bergen, Norway (August 9th) he said "I can't move around as much as I normally do, cause it's slippery like a motherfucker out her tonight! If I fall someone will film it and it will be all over youtube and CNN" A couple of songs later, he fell on his ass.

It's not my own video (I was in the front row and I couldn't even take a picture without getting yelled at but w/e) but skip to 4:43.

Source: Youtube

Oh and if anyone cares:

- He was 22 minutes late because he wanted to wait for the sun to go down.

- The rain kind of ruined it for the dj I think cause he kept playing the wrong tracks and Kanye had to stop and walk over and talk to him about which song they were performing.

- They didn't have the big firework show at the end in respect for the killed teenagers.

- There were about 13 000 people there (he put out 14 000 for sale, even though you can have up to 22 000)

-One thing that was weird was that he had 1 concert and he put out 14 000 tickets and didn't sell out, while Rihanna is having two concerts (the 17 and 18th) and she put out 22 000 tickets on both dates, and they're both sold out. I thought Kanye would sell more tbh