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The Vampire Diaries News

First official picture of season three
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Here it is, "Vampire Diaries" fans -- the first official picture from the Season 3 premiere, "The Birthday." Elena (Nina Dobrev) is turning 18, and despite the doom and gloom of the last year, Caroline insists on throwing her a small party.

Of course, knowing Caroline, it's no surprise that the bash at the Salvatore mansion is a little bigger than Elena expected, complete with at least one uninvited guest.

This first photo shows Alaric (Matt Davis), Elena, and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) taking a quiet moment outside the house to talk, complete with the bottle of bourbon that's never far from Alaric's reach.

We'll have to wait until Sept 15 to find out just what these three have to discuss, but if we had to guess, we'd say Stefan, Stefan, and more Stefan. Elena's not the type to kick back and celebrate while her boyfriend is off on a ripper rampage.

Ian Somerhalder on Damon's birthday gift to Elena

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Listen, "Vampire Diaries" fans, we hear you. And in case you're wondering, you sound like an endless loop of a few million people crying out, "MORE DELENA NEWS PLEASE!"

So when Zap2it spoke with Ian Somerhalder on Tuesday, we grilled him on all things Damon and Elena (Nina Dobrev). As we know, Season 3 begins with Elena's 18th birthday party, an impressive soiree that Caroline plans -- of course -- at the Salvatore house.

We're sure Elena will get plenty of birthday presents, since she's clearly the most beloved person in Mystic Falls, ever, but with Stefan missing in action, the gift we're wondering about the most is Damon's.

Somerhalder tells us that the present is rather unconventional. "She refuses to let him buy her anything, so he doesn't technically give her anything for her birthday," he says. "But he came across something that she really, really, really wanted and needed, and he did what he had to do to get it for her. She thinks that he stole it, or that he found it. It's a very beautiful moment between them. It's a really sweet, quiet moment."

The gift will definitely remind us of Stefan's absence, but we'll say this about the scene: it's practically tailor-made to be plastered all over your tumblrs, Damon/Elena fans.

New Teaser


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