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P. Diddy's Skin Breaks Out; Files Lawsuit Against Proactive.

On Friday (3/31), P. Diddy filed a $1.5 million lawsuit against Guthy Renker, the makers of Proactiv Solution for failing to leave his skin "with no bumps."

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Along with Vanessa Williams, Alicia Keys and Jessica Simpson, P. Diddy became a spokesperson for Proactive Solutions, a skin product that promises to "banish their breakouts and get them on the path to clear, beautiful, star-quality skin." In the infomercial, the rap mogul testifies how he got hip to Proactive Solution after using the product and seeing his pimples disappear.

"I use Proactive," says Diddy in the ad, because it helps "moisturize my situation and preserve my sexy."

However, just months after the ads, Diddy says he started to experience breakouts and decided to file suit, saying the product has discredited him in the hip-hop community.

"I look foolish on an infomercial promoting a product for skin care and my skin still has bumps on it," says P. Diddy in a statement.

Hours later, Guthy Renker filed a countersuit claiming that Diddy has failed to "preserve his sexy" and carefully follow the product instructions. The corporation also cites Diddy's affiliation with Diet Pepsi, for which he is also a spokesperson, as the true source of his acne woes. In the counter-suit, Guthy Renker claims that Diddy's consumption of sugary products such as Diet Pepsi has neutralized the cleansing effects Proactiv Solution provides.

"Even though Diet Pepsi has no calories, fat or carbs, it still contains aspartame, potassium benzoate, phosphoric acid and citric acid which can wreak havoc on skin," said a source at Guthy Renker.

The Pepsi connection is sound, according to Dr. Julian Whitaker, who says that "aspartame has been proven to increase appetite, especially cravings for sweets."

"Proactive promises a risk fee, money-back trial," says Diddy. "After all I've been through, I want my money back and more."

SOHH.com has obtained copies of the court filing and a photo of Diddy's acne-laden skin [view documents and Diddy photo] . At press time, Diddy could not be reached for comment.

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