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Kate Moss wants to hang out with Cher Lloyd

WE'VE been told that London party hound Kate Moss wants to hang out with her. Despite the 19-year age gap, Mossy is a big fan of the X Factor star’s chart-topping single Swagger Jagger.

Kate Moss also finds the bolshy singer’s fiery attitude very amusing, apparently. We’re told: “Kate loves Cher’s cockiness and bravado. She’s been playing her new song at home and singing along to the: ‘You can’t stop looking at me, staring at me,’ bit.

“Kate said she’d like to hang out with Cher and introduce her to her strict circle of north London friends.

“She was telling us that Cher Lloyd reminds her of herself as a youngster, when she first started modeling and mixing in showbiz circles. She thinks they have the same brash spirit.

Kate is fascinated by her sense of style and personality. She’s also intrigued by her background of being a traveller.”

The supermodel, 37, is a huge fan of The X Factor. Rumours were flying around last year that she might appear as a guest judge. Kate’s even been down to the X Factor studios a few times with her daughter Lila Grace, eight.

Hippy chick Kate also joined a 20-strong group of travellers for a raucous night of singing and dancing in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, a while ago.

We’d love to be a fly on the wall around Chez Moss when Cher, 18, rocks up with her swag on.
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