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Naya Rivera Takes a Break From Llama Riding Adventures

To Pose for Classy New Photoshoot in InStyle Magazine

Charm School

Article by: George Epaminondas
Given how Naya Rivera smolders in these elegant confections, it's clear she enjoys playing dress up. "What a refreshing change from skimpy little skirts and low necklines," says Rivera, who flaunts no shortage of skin as Glee's sexpot Cheerio, Santana Lopez. Though the actress lives in J Brand jeans and combat boots, she says she feels right at home in the refined ensembles. Turns out she has a secret passion for old-school Chanel. "I'm obsessed with Coco, the pearls, the hats, and the fragrances." Add Veronica Lake hair and matte scarlet lips and she becomes positively giddy. "I'm inspired to go to the St. Regis in Orange County for afternoon tea!"

If only she had the time. Rivera is currently recording her first solo project while still immersed in all things Glee (in addition to the show, there's a North American concert tour and a Glee! Live! 3D! movie). Though not ready to discuss her album's sound, she says her influences include, "upbeat dance tracks, heartfelt ballads, and jazz stylings along the lines of Amy Winehouse and Adele."

The go-getter may not be taking a breather in real life, but Gleeks will be happy to hear that Santana learns to let her hair down this season. Loosening up, really? But is our favorite mean girl still a-- er, not so nice? "Absolutely," says Rivera, with a glint in her eyes. "That's where all those tight rah-rah uniforms come in handy, to get me in the mood."

(werq that Rachel Berry imo)

She is so beautiful. She looks amazing in the red dress! I've already got her album on pre-order tbh.
This post is brought to you by summer romance. Tyfyt!

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