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SyFy orders an extra episode of Eureka to wrap up the series!

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For more than five years, Eureka's barmy brainiacs have brought us nothing but joy—and we expected nothing less from our set visit today to that happiest of all places.

Sadly, instead of rejoicing with the cast over last week's sixth-season pickup (albeit for just six episodes), we arrived hours after Syfy announced that Eureka's fifth season—airing next summer—would be actually be its last.

At least we had a chance to commiserate with the stars and showrunner Jaime Paglia, who flew up to Vancouver this morning to address the cast and crew on the set's Global Dynamics rotunda

Over phony Vinspressos at the Café Diem set, star Joe Morton (Henry) told us, "People wanted 13 episodes [for season six], but six is better than nothing. Unfortunately now we're left with nothing. So it was a bit of a shock."

The timing couldn't be worse: Eureka, currently airing season "4.5" (yes, they have a confusing broadcast schedule) on Syfy, is almost finished shooting its fifth and last season. (To air next year. See, confusing.)

And this morning, everyone believed the fifth-season finale—already written and scheduled to film in a few days—would have to serve as the series finale.

"There's just not enough time to button everything up," Niall Matter (Zane) protested between scenes. "They're going to work really hard to tie things up, but I read the episode and it's not how I would want to end this series, that's for sure."

"We have no time to course correct in a meaningful way," agreed star Colin Ferguson. "We can add some things in and make it as palatable as we can, but it's nowhere near the ending we would've done."

But the writers and actors hoped the network would give them and fans a last chance for closure through an additional episode. Said Paglia about fulfilling his ultimate vision for the Eureka: "We knew pretty much where we wanted to drive to since season one, but—knock on wood—we're hopeful we can get one more episode added on to the order we have so we can do justice to the characters and the town and to our fans who have been so passionate and supportive."

We are happy to report that Syfy is rewarding you fans and the show with an extra episode!

"They've all been amazingly behind us," Paglia told us about the network. "[The cancellation] was shocking news—I think shocking to even the people involved in making the decisions. We just want to go out on a high note in the most positive way we can."

With the extra episode order, the Eureka writers "have the opportunity to give us and the viewers closure—they've been loyal, loyal fans for years," said Erica Cerra, who—unlike her restrained character Jo—broke down in tears during our interview.

Don't cry yet, Eureka fans. "We have a great season coming up—17 episodes left to air," Ferguson reminded us as we were about to cry ourselves. "Take a moment, get sad if you want to get sad, but there's some really great work coming. I'm really proud of it," he said, and he wants us to enjoy it. "We worked really hard on it. I'd love it if instead of a tone of sadness people could watch it and go out on a tone of joy."

Oh thank God! That's extremely nice of SyFy considering the circumstances.
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