. (mrskulash) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Pornstache Cho being sexy, flawless and gracious on the red carpet.

Summary for sinners who are too lazy to watch:

- Is overly affectionate with the interviewer in a way that would make your pants jealous.
- Says his mustache is a growth that appeared on his face while at the American Pie set, and that it is very stupid.
- The vibe is very good on the AP Reunion set despite some of the cast members' past, well-publicized ordeals (i.e Tara Reid's life).
- Encourages you again to smoke before viewing A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas.
- Says he has a very different look in Total Recall, and there are bizarre things going on with his body and his hair.
- Knows jack shit about Star Trek 2 but scenes have been written.
- Fans are crabby about lack of Star Trek 2.
- Overall, remains entirely flawless.

Tags: film - comedy, film - suspense / thriller, john cho

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