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Harry Potter & Skins stars react to UK riots

The actors from Skins and Harry Potter had a lot to say about the recent riots in the UK. Here are some of the choice ones, and if you've seen any other celebrity reactions (British or not), feel free to share in the comments.

Creator of Skins:

Resident douchenozzle gives his rousing thoughts and opinions via the only forum where people will give a shit what he's saying:

Puberty's biggest advocate gives thoughts about Leeds, his hometown:

Queen of Twitter, Skins and life itself:

Source: My Twitter timeline

Merv, Dan, James and Oliver had a lot more to say about the riots but I just picked out the best tweets, if you want to read everything they have to say, go to their respective twitters. 

Mods, wasn't sure if this deserved the world news tag or not so I left it out. I can go back and edit it in if need be.

UK ONTD-ers, I hope you're safe! Any updates? Was it bad last night?
Tags: british celebrities, harry potter, kaya scodelario, skins (uk)

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