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The Haunted Torments James Bond Actress Olga Kurylenko

Intandem Films is moving ahead with a haunted house styled thriller in the United Kingdom. A blend of the psychological thriller with the supernatural, The Haunted tells the story of a lonely, recently widowed young woman. A small village offers some respite, until her nights are filled with a haunting spirit. Are these visions real, or a symptom of grief?

The Haunted is currently in pre-production with 2012 the likely completion date. Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace), and Rupert Friend (5 Days of War) have been attached to the film and a few more details on this title are listed below.

The synopsis for The Haunted is here:

"Recently widowed Audrey moves to a small village in the English countryside. She soon discovers the old house she is renting is not as empty as she thought... Her presence has awakened a spirit. Yet she decides to stay, and through the unusual friendship she strikes with the apparition, she begins getting over her grief. But is the ghost benign or malevolent? And is he real, or the product of her fractured mind?" (Film).

Completion Year: 2012.

Director: Axelle Carolyn.

Cast : Olga Kurylenko, and Rupert Friend.


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