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Get Hard For A Hardy Post!

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This post contains a new still from the upcoming MMA movie warrior, as well as an article from GQ which give details of toms flawless career from start to finish!

Still From Warrior:
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August 2011
John Houghton

TOM HARDY has been here before. In 2002, cast as the villainous Praetor Shinzon in Star Trek: Nemesis, he was a lock to make the A-list. The planets were aligned, the press was squared and the verdict was in: a big Withnail-sized star. Of course, that film tanked, and with it went the hopes of another promising English actor fast-tracked for Hollywood success.

A decade on, Hardy, now 33, has more than one iron implement in the inferno. In September, we will see him in the top-off, testosterone-heavy tear-up as one half of a pair of MMA cage-fighting siblings, hoping for some of that Wrestler/Fighter elixir of critical kudos and bountiful box office. That could be a split decision, but Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, released the same month, looks like a can’t-fail way to block-book a couple of rows at the Kodak Theatre for next year’s Oscars. Playing Ricki Tarr in the John Le Carré remake places Hardy opposite Gary Oldman, Colin Firth and his Stuart: A Life Backwards co-star Benedict Cumberbatch. And very definitely at English acting’s top table. Summer 2012 will see him reunited with Inception director Christopher Nolan in The Dark Knight Rises, as the abnormally strong villain, Bane, while earlier that year, he should begin the much-delayed shoot of the Mad Max reboot. Throw into the mix a haughty (The Wettest County in the World) and a naughty (This Means War), and if Hardy isn’t about-the-marquee famous this time next year, then something will have gone seriously wrong not simply with his career, but with half of Hollywood’s.

Why the demand and why now? Primarily, because Hardy has put aside some of the more turbulent aspects of his personal life. Truth be told, his past should form a template for anyone teaching Hellraisers and Mythmakers 101. The rebellious adolescence that saw him expelled from public school and, at 15, arrested for joyriding in a stolen Mercedes with a gun was followed by alcohol and drug addiction. He’s been sober since 2003, and appears calmer since he started dating his Wuthering Heights co-star Charlotte Riley.

More importantly, Hardy has shown himself capable of fusing English thespianism with an American work ethic, a formula pioneered by Daniel Day-Lewis and Gary Oldman, and later updated by Daniel Craig and Christian Bale. Hardy is the natural heir to this tradition, but a trace element of English actin’s lighter side, inherited from David Niven via Hugh Grant, remains in his easy way with a laugh, which led to his stealing Inception, his understated wit a welcome counterpoint to the blockbuster’s more mind-bending ideas.

But Hardy’s foremost calling card remains his intensity. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than the transformations he undergoes for his roles. The physique he achieved for Bronson, a suitable nihilistic take on the incomprehensible existence of “Britain’s most notorious prisoner”, was nothing short of startling. It came about thanks to a physical regime centred on performing 2,500 press-ups a day for five weeks, which helped him put on 35lb of muscle. While some actors’ six-packs are their most expressive feature, Hardy needed that body to portray that man and used it to mesmerising, devastating effect. The change he produced to inhabit the emaciated Stuart in Stuart: A Life Backwards was equally, if less obviously, impressive.

However, the surest pointer to Hardy’s likely success is the clear belief (not shared by certain American contemporaries) that his job doesn’t end when he leaves the gym and walks on set. His background in the theatre has left him with an easy confidence on film and he keeps his stagecraft fresh, an outing in Chicago last year as the alcoholic Sam in The Long Red Road, directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman, his most recent success.

While his Star Trek experience cautions against chicken computation, Tom Hardy looks to live long and prosper.

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Is everyone actually ready for tom to become a HUGE star, because judging by the list of upcoming movies and the amount of articles stating so it looks like it will happen VERY soon! best of luck tom
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