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Makeup Call! Beauty Tips by Ashley Greene

She’s gone through her fair share of beauty transformations for the four installments of Twilight — from pale makeup to ever-changing wigs — but when she’s off set, Ashley Greene is all about maintaining a low-key look.
“I have a very laid back and easy beauty routine,” she tells BellaSugar.com. “I wash my face about three times a day, drink lots of water and exercise when I can.” And though she doesn’t depend on a ton of makeup to get her through the day, she has a few simple staples she uses regularly. “Every day I wear concealer, mascara and lip gloss,” she reveals. “I’ve also become proactive about my skincare now that I’m in my early twenties.”

And thanks to the countless hours logged in makeup chairs, the mark model has learned her fair share of beauty tricks — though they don’t always apply to daily life! “One of the best makeup tricks I’ve learned was from my makeup artist,” she says. “My character was supposed to look like she wasn’t wearing makeup, so she drew realistic looking freckles on top of my makeup. If you weren’t wearing any foundation or concealer that’s what you would see. I thought it was genius.”

What are your best beauty tips, ONTD?

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