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Ian Somerhalder Wants a Nobel Prize

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When it comes to awards, you'd think a hottie actor like Ian Somerhalder would be hoping to score an Emmy, Golden Globe or even an Oscar. 

But no. The Vampire Diaries star wants a Nobel Prize.

Oh, really? We'll let him explain...

"When we wrapped [Vampire Diaries] April 18, I flew to Zimbabwe where I was doing a documentary," Somerhalder told us at the Teen Choice Awards in L.A.

"I met a scientist named Allan Savory," he continued. "He's figured out a way to reverse climate change, literally through agriculture. So I'm directing this documentary about him with Geoff Shotz, our camera director on Vampire Diaries...The goal of the movie is to win Allan Savory a Nobel Prize for agriculture, which has never been done."

Somerhalder, who testified before Congress last month about wildlife conservation, is even set to interview former president Jimmy Carter for the Savory doc.

"You look at things like An Inconvenient Truth, which Al Gore did, it never once mentions [how] agriculture contributes more to climate change than anything else in the world," he said. "It makes me crazy to think about, so we're going to change that."

Sen. Somerhalder, anyone?

"I'm never running for office," he said. "I just love this part of it. I love being able to speak to members of Congress or members of the Senate and floating on either side, because it takes all of us. It's going to take both of them."

Hmm, perhaps Somerhalder could help with that debt ceiling, too.

Source: www.eonline.com/news/marc_malkin/vampire_diaries_ian_somerhalder_wants/257037

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