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Britney VMA bound & some guido is in awe of her (sadly not richie B)

Britney Spears Tour Gig 'So Cool,' DJ Pauly D Raves
'I'm an act — then Nicki Minaj, then Britney Spears,' the 'Jersey Shore' star tells MTV News in disbelief.

DJ Pauly D joined the Femme Fatale Tour on Monday night and got the crowd fist-pumping as one of the opening acts for Britney Spears' show. It was announced last month that the "Jersey Shore" star would be taking a break from Seaside Heights to hit the road with Brit for the remainder of her tour, and he kicked things off this week in Boston.

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"It's so cool because I'm an actual act," Pauly D told MTV News a few days before Monday's tour date. "So, it's like DJ Pauly D goes on — I'm an act — then Nicki Minaj, then Britney Spears."

So how did Pauly D do in his big debut? Well, his tourmate Nicki Minaj took to Twitter after the concert and gave her rave review: "BOSTON why are u so EPIC right now?!??!!?! Like seriously???!??" Minaj tweeted. "(Pauly D KILlED it by the way!!!!)"

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Pauly D is in disbelief he's touring with Britney

This is Pauly D's first time joining a major tour but he didn't think life on the road would be difficult to get used to. "I got my own tour bus now, it's all done," Pauly D said smiling. "My DJ booth is all done, it looks amazing, and I'm really excited. It's like a dream come true."

But if you're going to check out the concert, don't expect Pauly D to play any of Spears' classic songs. "A DJ should not play the artist's songs at her concert, 'cause she has to perform these songs," he told us earlier this year when he warmed up the crowd for Brit's Las Vegas show. "I'm not going to be playing any Britney before she performs; maybe after. I'll let her perform, let her shine, 'cause it's her night."

Although he won't open the show by playing her hits, the MTV star didn't rule out the possibility of joining Spears (who's a "Jersey Shore" fan!) onstage.

"Maybe, we'll see," Pauly said. "It would be really cool, though."

OUTRAGEOUS! Her shopping sprees

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Pop diva Britney Spears blew into Boston on Sunday and immediately hit the chi-chi shops on Charles Street for some retail therapy before her sold-out gig at the TD Garden.

Yesterday, Miss Thang (<---- wtf) and her traveling Circus of black-suited bodyguards and hangers-on hopped out of a souped-up Cadillac Escalade in front of Crush Boutique, a clothing emporium that her sister, Jamie Lynn, scoped out the day before. Looking like just another Beacon Hill gal — ponytail, jeans, sneakers and a gray T-shirt — Britney browsed the racks of designer duds without asking for assistance, we’re told.

“She was very polite, quiet and unassuming,” store manager Brianne Dyke told the Track. “Aside from her black-suited bodyguards, of course.”

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Britney headed to the dressing room to try on two dresses, including a DV by Dolce Vita blush dress, and an Ali Ro sequin rose gold dress with a low-cut back. She emerged from the dressing room in the sequined dress, and went over to model the frock for her male friend — who was not her latest BF Jason Trawick — who patiently waited on the couch.

“What about this for the VMAs?” she asked the guy, referring to the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards on Aug 28.

In addition to the two dresses, she also nabbed an Isabel Lu top and Wink NYC blouse. Grand total of Brit Brit’s shopping spree? A mere $602.

But when it was time to pay for the haute haul, Spears didn’t approach the register. She had one of her muscle men whip out a debit card and pay for the loot as she stood behind him.

Perhaps her accountants are afraid she’ll start singing Gimme More???

BTW, during her shopping spree, Jamie Lynn purchased a navy BCBG top, a House of Harlow ring and a French Connection blazer.
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Hottest Tour this year! Her biggest fan agrees.
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