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What's in Jessica Stams bathroom cabinet?

“I have so many products—I’m constantly being sent things, and I’m constantly buying new ones. I’m very much into beauty, and I feel like I really know, after several years in the business, what works best for me".

I think skincare is very important—I have a lot of skincare products in here. My favorite face wash, that I got from my facialist Dangene [Mckay-Bailey], is called Brave Soldier Clean Skin. It’s just a really basic, simple face wash that takes off all of the makeup—eye makeup, everything. Or, sometimes I’ll use Bioderma Créaline, which is always backstage and I feel like it’s the standard makeup remover for every makeup artist. Then I’ll moisturize with oil-free moisture by Dr. Orentreich—he’s an amazing dermatologist. I actually see his daughter, Catherine, who is wonderful. They have a whole line and will prescribe you things based on your skin. I also like the Amanda Lacey Illuminating Eye Gel. It’s really subtle; it’s kind of like the [YSL] Touche Éclat effect—you put it on under your makeup and it kind of wakes you up. I discovered her line from this store called Shen in Brooklyn, they have a lot of amazing products. Egyptian Magic is great if I have a skin irritation—if I’ve been working a lot, or if I get a rash from someone not washing their brushes—which happens, in this business—it’s great for that. And Kate Logan’s Rose Otto Healing Balm serves a similar purpose. I use Homeoplasmine on my lips.

I’ll use the Rose Otto balm on my eyelids if I’m not wearing makeup, just for a little sheen, and if I’m not wearing mascara, I’ll put a little on my eyelashes. And you can do this with Acquaphor, or Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, and it just makes you look really fresh and bright. Day to day, I’ll wear a tinted moisturizer—I like Laura Mercier—and I apply it with a “Beauty Blender” which is this pink sponge that a lot of makeup artists use. I mist the Beauty Blender with Evian water first—I think it just helps to lock in the moisture. And I like to tint my eyelashes black, that’s big. I just go to a place around the block from my apartment. I don’t really wear mascara unless I’m going out at night and want to put on an eye. I’ve learned how to do a smoky eye using just eyeliner—just a basic black crayon from CoverGirl, that I’ve used so much it’s only about an inch long now! My brows are sparse at the ends so I use powder, Anastasia, in Medium Ash, and I just blend it in with the brush that comes with it.

For my hair, I’ve taken Viviscal on and off for years. It really works when you stick to it for a while. You have to take it for a couple months before it starts working, but then it’s incredible the way your hair grows. It’s been blonde for a while—I go to Christopher at Garren salon. He was the first colorist that I went to when I came to New York; Steven [Meisel] sent me there, and I’ve tried out a few different colorists but I’ve always come back to Christopher. He’s done me red, he’s done me platinum, he’s done me strawberry blonde, lighter blond, darker blond—he can do it all.

I have a lot of travel-sized products like Herbal Essences Hello Hydration—which is a great shampoo and conditioner combo, and I’ve used everything. I actually discovered it because my boyfriend uses it! I love it. I get compliments from hairdressers I’ve been working with for years, saying, ‘This is the best your hair has ever looked, what are you using?’ and I’m like, ‘Herbal Essences!’ [Laughs] Raw Botanicals Glistening Hair Balm is a great product too—it has real bananas in it! It’s great for the beach or running outside because it has UV protection. But I try not to put too much product in my hair unless it’s really dry from working a lot. I just feel like my shampoo and conditioner is enough.

I’ve been using men’s deodorant for years—original Old Spice. I just think it’s the best smell. Other than that I’ll wear Hanae Mori perfume. I go running outside and I work out with a trainer, and I eat pretty normally. Actually I just baked fifty-four cookies last night. [Laughs] I eat whatever I want, I just believe everything in moderation.”

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