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Michael Jackson Children Donate Father's Artwork To Children's Hospital

Michael Jackson's children appeared at a ceremony at Children's Hospital Los Angeles Monday to donate some of their late father's artwork to the facility.

Fourteen-year-old Prince, 13-year-old Paris, and 9-year-old Prince Michael II ("Blanket") Jackson were accompanied by their grandmother, Katherine Jackson, and aunt, LaToya Jackson, as the family donated 10 signed pieces. The children also signed some of them below their father's name.

The sketches, which depict Mickey Mouse, furniture and other objects, will be displayed throughout the hospital.

La Toya Jackson said she thought the art will bring joy to children at the hospital. "You look at this, it makes you happy," she said. The pieces of art are "whimsical, they're magical and there's just joy and peace."

(LOL his white socks 'n' loafers . . . too cute)

(Aw, I think those were MJ's sunglasses)

Sources - 1, 2
Tags: candids - celebrity kids, michael jackson / jackson family

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