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Rihanna Sending Joe Jonas Sexy Texts‎

Rihanna has “bombarded” Joe Jonas with “raunchy texts”.

The S&M singer is reportedly pursuing the squeaky clean pop star — famed for wearing a purity ring — by sending him suggestive messages.

“They met when Joe did a song with Rihanna’s ex Chris Brown and recently she’s been bombarding him with raunchy text messages,” a source said.

“She keeps laughing to her mates that she wants to take him one the wildest ride of his life.”

Joe, 21, has been out with a number of beautiful women, including Twilight star Ashley Greene, Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift, but recently revealed he is single and is “always looking for the right person”.

Rihanna, 23, makes no secret of her sexual urges, and recently said she likes to be “dominated” in the bedroom.

“I play a very dominant role in my life, in every aspect of it. And I like to feel like a lady still, at some point,” she said.

“I feel like that’s the time when a guy really gets to be a man, and I get to be a woman. And if I’m being a man in the bedroom too, there’s nothing really in it for me.”

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