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"Deadwood" Reunion on "Raising Hope"!

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Sean Bridgers will guest star on an upcoming episode of "Raising Hope".

Though Garret Dillahunt just returned to Los Angeles from his "summer vacation" earlier this morning, thereby missing the first table read of Raising Hope season two, he had some juicy news to share with LA TV Insider Examiner about the season premiere nonetheless. Beginning production on Monday right here in L.A., Sean Bridgers will be reuniting with Dillahunt in an episode heavy with flashbacks.

"Episode one! I know very little...but me and Sean will have a lot to do in this episode; he's heavily involved in the flashbacks," Dillahunt shared. "How's that? Is that vague enough as a tease?"

The former Deadwood co-stars will raise a new kind of havoc in "Kidnapped," and if you fear the title is ominous on a show with a titular baby, don't worry too much; FOX and series showrunner Greg Garcia love the babies too much to put them in harm's way. They proved as much when they opted not to age little Hope for season two. No, instead it is Burt Chance himself who will get kidnapped, in a flashback from a younger time. And Bridgers plays into that story.

Is he the reason Burt gets kidnapped or perhaps the one who does the kidnapping? Dillahunt didn't want to say too much but instead off just enough of a tease that even more people want to tune in on September 20th when Raising Hope returns at 9:30pm.



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