Zoe Kravitz Dating Penn Badgley

Zoe Kravitz has moved on from her X-Men costar Michael Fassbender to that guy from Gossip Girl, Penn Badgley. The two were seen leaving the same cab after the Friends With Benefits party and watched Horrible Bosses yesterday in Union Square.

“He had his arm around her while they waited in line,” said our spy. But an awkward moment happened when Jennifer Aniston quips, “Did you see ‘Gossip Girl’ last night? I [bleeped] myself so hard [watching] that Penn Badgley guy, I broke a nail.” Our source said, “The look on Penn’s face was priceless. They left the theater right after.” [Page Six]

She and Fassbender wouldn’t have worked out anyway. He’s on his way up, she’s on her way down. But whatever. I don’t care. I’m more interested in what Jennifer Aniston said. What was the “bleep’. Was it “sh*t,” “f**ked,” “fingered?” Is it sad that I care more about this than Penn Bagdley hooking up with Lenny Kravitz’s daughter?


party post, anyone?!