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Breaking Dawn Will Make You 'Cry Multiple Times' more than HP DH2 tbh

Taylor Lautner managed to nab the surfboard for Choice Movie Actor Sci-Fi/Fantasy at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night in Los Angeles, where a bevy of Hollywood's biggest A-listers gathered to celebrate all things young Hollywood.

Before he took home any prizes, Lautner chatted with MTV News on the red carpet at the show, admitting that he never really knows how to prepare for these types of events. The actor eventually settled on showing up in his signature easy-breezy style, donning a leather jacket, slim-fitting jeans and a T-shirt. "It's really hard to prepare, so it's kind of like you just show up here, have fun,",/b> he said. "It's really a true testament to our fans that we're still here on movie #4. They're amazing."

Quickly the conversation turned to, you guessed it, "Twilight." Lautner revealed that he's done something very few people can say they have: He's seen "Breaking Dawn - Part 1," Twi-hards. "I've seen it a few times,"
he said. "I saw it for the first time while we were still filming, so it was a really rough cut, but I've seen several versions since then, and it's getting better and better."

As the film gets closer to its November release, Lautner wants fans to brace themselves for an emotional roller coaster."You are going to face a lot of emotions, definitely," he teased. "You are going to be angry. I guarantee you [that] you will cry multiple times. There's a good mix. It's definitely different than any of the ones before."

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