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In the first part of Peter Bailey's in depth interview with Trina onset of her video shoot for "Hit It Right", the Diamond Princess dishes on her new song "Red Bottoms" andstaying relevant as the reigning hip hop diva.

In part two of Peter Bailey's conversation with the Miami diva, Trina reveals her softer side, upcoming Reality TV project and love for interior design.

Trina opens up about her frustration with BET, desire to work with Beyonce and what she envisions as her perfect man in the finale of her in depth interview with Peter Bailey.

Trina talks:
-The reason why she was in LA - Monica and Shannon Brown’s wedding.
-Her single “Long Heels, Red Bottoms” and that a music video will be filmed soon!
-Her departure from Slip-N-Slide and a “new situation” which she has yet to reveal. (THE OMG MOMENT OF THE ENTIRE INTERIVEW)
-The state of Hip-Hop music now, from then (Slip-N-Slide’s large popularity in ‘98).
-The Trina brand and her new-found control over ideas. As well as XXL branding her “Most Consistent” female rapper.
-Rick Ross, his success, and that she plans on heading into the studio with him again very soon.
-Music/artists she’s been listening to: Beyoncé, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Frank Ocean. She doesn’t always listen to Hip-Hop, prefers R&B.
-New album in the works! There are several release dates set and she can’t reveal much more. Hopes to evolve into a new sound widely different from what she’s done before. A sound which will make people question whether it’s her on the song.

Trina gets set up on a blind date and she looks s t u n n i n g.

Also rumor is she's working with goddess Gwen Stefani on her new album.

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