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Living legend talks about fame, calls out the ungrateful

Stevie Nicks is no stranger to fame. Dubbed the Reigning Queen of Rock and Roll, she rose to stardom in the late 70's as the bewitching frontwoman of Fleetwood Mac, and followed her success with a solo career that has spanned nearly four decades.

Now 63, the songwriter reflects on her fame and why, for some people, it is such a lonely business:

 "I was almost 28 when I joined Fleetwood Mac. Lindsey [Buckingham] was one year younger. We lived together as, really, as a married couple for five years, and we struggled. We built a life and we lived a kind of normal life, so we knew who we were when we joined Fleetwood Mac. I was always really glad about that.

Fame wasn't terrible for me. I never look at it as taking away my freedom. I think that fame, for some people, really is horrible. But I have to say, I think being a rock and roll star is great: I fly on a private plane, I stay in presidential suites, I drive in limousines. . . I love my life. I love being famous. I love being able to walk into a restaurant and say, 'I'm Stevie Nicks. Can I get a table?' You know, why not?

So all the people who hate being famous, I'm so sorry for them. The violins of the world are really playing for you in your 18 million dollar house. And if I could swear, I would swear right now and say really, ' ____ all of you, get a life."


real and honest, stopped renewing her license in  1978 so she didn't drive while she was high, appreciative and grateful, beautiful, the poet in our hearts, etc.
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