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Remember Danny from the OG 'Real World: New Orleans?'

Do you remember Danny Roberts, the qt gay from MTV's original "The Real World: New Orleans" season way back in 2000? He was the one who dated the guy from the Army whose face had to be blurred out because of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell?" Well, if you're wondering what he's been up to recently, check it out after the cut.

He's making out with former "Noah's Arc" actor Darryl Stephens!

Apparently it's for a new gay-themed scripted series created by Larry Kennar, executive producer of "The L Word," about a group of friends in downtown L.A. The show "steers clear of cookie-cutter WeHo clones and thrusts us deep into the gritty world of hipsters and urban professionals." Queerty recently interviewed Stephens, also an executive producer on the project, and he offered more details on the project (and his steamy encounter with Roberts).

We know the details are hush-hush, but what can you tell us about your character?
I play Len, a man dealing with the end of his long-term relationship at the same time that his mother’s cancer takes a turn for the worse.

Is this show similar or different to "Noah’s Arc?"
This show also revolves around a close-knit group of friends, but it takes place in Downtown LA, as opposed to the chocolate gay bubble that Noah and his friends lived in. Noah’s Arc was essentially a sweet story about the beginning of a relationship and this is about the end of one. Also, the new show has got more of an indie vibe to it. It’s a little raunchier and more emotionally volatile. It’s largely improvised and the actors get to craft and personalize their characters in really unconventional ways.

It must’ve been such a burden making out with Danny Roberts.
Danny is a sweetheart. We really went for it with that scene. By the time we were done, I think we were both a little shocked at how real some of it looked. He’s a great kisser!

What do you think is missing from current LGBT representations on television? Do you think this show will fill that gap?
This show will involve filling many gaps, yes. Ha! I think the goal with this project is to depict gay relationships in honest, compelling ways. In a sense, because there’s not a lot of discussion around it, gay is already a given here. We’re not depicting coming out stories so America can get used to it. We’re already in it. We’re not apologizing or making excuses. You either keep up or turn the channel.

Does the series deal with interracial relationships in the gay world?
Well, we deal with them in the sense that we acknowledge that they exist. For example, my character is involved with a white guy, but race isn’t really a source of conflict between them. The cast is racially diverse and there are a number of interracial couplings, but we certainly don’t pretend to have any answers or dwell on the issue. Gay life in an urban setting like Downtown LA is going to involve people from all walks of life getting together and that’s what you’ll see on this show. That being said, the conflicts with these characters often have less to do with black and white and more to do with more universal issues, like employed and unemployed or faithful and unfaithful.

Where else can we find you?
In addition be being an executive producer on this show, I just shot a guest star for a new BET show called "Reed Between the Lines" with Tracee Ellis Ross and Malcolm Jamal Warner. And I’m working this week on Sarah Michelle Gellar’s new CW show, "Ringer."

No news yet on when or where we'll see this still-untitled show, but word is a network is currently negotiating to air the series.

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