Britney looking awkward with fans... again.

Britney rocking a cute new robe but the same old forced smile.

Britney and a fan doing his best Awkward Britney impression

Britney and finally a fan that doesn't look psychotic or weird, yet this is the one she doesn't even half-ass lean towards

Stalk Britney long enough and she'll unclench her fists!

Britney and a fa--WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT

Britney's neck demonstrating more of it's famed self defence mechanisms to scare away predators

Britney's awkwardness being contagious

no words.

no seriously what...

Britney, with no means of escape :(

Britney's lock jaw setting in

Britney filling in as the mother for this girls PTA meeting

Can I have my starbucks now?

The fear in her eyes omg


Do you think britney spotted his boner?