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Dana Delany: I Would Love to Return to Desperate Housewives

ABC announced Sunday that Desperate Housewives will end after this season, which begs the question: Which characters are returning to Wisteria Lane to say goodbye?

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When discussing the series' demise with reporters, Housewives creator and executive producer Marc Cherry said he had already started thinking of ways to bring back familiar faces. "I have an idea for the last episode, in which I want to pay homage to everyone who's been on the show," he said.

Dana Delany, who played Katherine Mayfair for two years before leaving to star in ABC's Body of Proof, tells TVGuide.com she would love to bring closure to her character. Katherine ran away to Paris with her girlfriend, Robin (Julie Benz) in the middle of Season 6. "I would love to come back for one episode just to sort of wrap things up with Katherine," she says. "I want to know that she's happy. A happy lesbian. Wouldn't that be nice?"

Delany says she's been dying to talk to Cherry since news broke that the long-running drama would be going off the air. "I was as surprised as everybody. I figured that show had quite a few seasons left in it because it's still really getting good ratings," she says. "But we have not heard the last of Marc Cherry. I think he has a lot of things to come."

Do you want Dana Delany to return to Desperate Housewives?


Yeah, how about no? Unpopular opinion time: I hated Robin/Katherine and I want this last season to be all about the main four ladies and vanessa/renee ofc. Delany should focus on being that try-hard baddass bitch "Body of Proof" wants her to be.
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