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Blind Items

Brought to you by a successfully filled box!

1. This conservative and religious actor from a 90′s family sitcom is gay. He’s not out, but there have been rumors and he has dated several high profile women. He tried recently (like in the last 5 years) to enter a conversion program that would make him ‘not gay.’ He dropped thousands of dollars on the program and believed it was successful for a year or two. However, our source said that the actor now realizes the program didn’t work and is now seeing a therapist that is helping him to accept and embrace his homosexuality. Good for him!
My Guess: EDIT: Kirk Cameron is married and more 80s so I don't really know

2. Which C-list actor – who insists he’s sober – was recently tossed out of a Hollywood sex shop for throwing latex sex toys at customers and harassing female employees?

The boutique booted the once-promising star, but that didn’t faze him. He was furious because he left the story empty handed.
National Enquirer
My Guess: David Arquette

3. Which famous game-show host’s wife believes he’s cheating because he takes Viagra religiously, but is rarely intimate with her? He denies that he strays and says he pops the pills to curb his mood swings.
National Enquirer
My Guess: Howie Mandel

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