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Katy Continues to Pimp Out Rebecca Black For Publicity

Katy Perry returned to the city she now calls home, Los Angeles, on August 5 for a three-night stint at the Nokia Theater, the latest stop on her California Dreams Tour. And while her crowd-pleasing set was packed with surprising covers (including Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and a mashup of Rihanna's "Only Girl In The World"/Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair"/Jay-Z's "Big Pimpin'"), it was another cover, of Rebecca Black's "Friday" with fellow California gurl Rebecca herself joining in, that was the biggest surprise of all. And it just so happened to be a Friday night! [liek omg!]

Katy seems determined to help Rebecca Black--or "the infamous Rebecca Black," as Katy introduced her to the Nokia crowd--extend her 15 minutes of fame. Rebecca recently made a cameo in Katy's "Last Friday Night" video (playing the BFF of Katy's geek-girl alter ego, Kathy Beth Terry), and when the two reunited onstage this week, Katy beamed at her like a proud mother figure. Their surprise duet ended with a hug, after which Katy sweetly declared, "That was our moment," referencing Rebecca's new "My Moment" single.

Ironically, though, Katy upstaged her young charge, as her superior "Friday" vocals completely overwhelmed Rebecca's reedier voice. (And Katy's fluffy pink circus-girl get-up certainly took attention away from Rebecca's more sedate gray tunic and black leggings.) But that didn't matter--the unison singing by the sold-out Nokia crowd during this a cappella duet practically drowned out both ladies, especially when partyin', partyin' spectators chanted the song's "yeahs" right on cue.

Declared Katy afterwards , "Damn it, I love the Internet!" And we're sure Rebecca feels the same way. The 14-year-old viral video sensation's life is currently a California dream come true.


Stop trying to make RB happen, Katy.  If you want to "help" her, do it in the studio cause "My Moment" shows she has a long ass way to go.
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