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Glee Cast Interviews from Press Junket and Red Carpet for the Glee Live!: 3D Movie Premiere

Video Summary:
-Would your high school self get along with your character?
-Target, sea monkey, and Saved by the Bell love
-Amber whispers to Lea, forgets she is wearing a microphone and in the middle of an interview.
-Cory and Dianna discuss sofas, Naya can't even
-Thoughts on criticism and negativity
-Darren and Ashley are hyper, Mark is bored.

Red Carpet Arrivals

(spare yourself and watch it with the sound off, tbh)

Jenna Ushkowitz

Tina's time has finally come.

#he probably thinks that he’s posing with a fan (ty, tumblr)

Amber Riley

She doesn't know anything about the Boo. RIP Samcedes.

Chris Colfer

He wants to be Guy-linda to Lea's Elphaba on Broadway.

Darren Criss

He's aiming to be 80% as awesome as Dan Rad.

Jayma Mays

Fudgesicle on one side, and dreamsicle on the other.

Kevin McHale

"Get Tina back!" YES!!!

Dianna Agron

Who is Beth?

Troll Murphy


Another Cast Group Interview

Video Summary:
-Feedback from the artists they've covered on the show
-Creation of Lea's twitter
-HeMo's jam is Usher's "DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again"
-How Glee helps kids cope with bullying

Captain Naya thanks you for your time!

E! Youtube Channel
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