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Love Triangles Heat Up in Third Season of ‘Vampire Diaries’

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The “Vampire Diaries” season premiere is just six weeks away. Season 2 ended with Stefan (Paul Wesley) becoming Klaus’s (Joseph Morgan) reluctant minion, Damon (Ian Sommerhalder) kissing Elena, and Jeremy seeing all his dead ex-girlfriends.  Executive Producer Kevin Williamson came to the Television Critics Association panel Thursday to discuss his new series “The Secret Circle.” Everyone was as interested in the further adventures of Elena and the Salvatore brothers as they were about the coven of gorgeous teen witches. So Willamson generously declassified some information about the third season of “Vampire Diaries.”


The Show Will Take A Small Leap Forward In Time: The second season of “Vampire Diaries” picked up moments after the first season ended. This year, time will have passed between the seasons. “We’re kind of vague about it. I’d say [it's] a month or two later in our timeline,” Williamson said.

Elena Will Have a Not So Happy Birthday: Mystic Falls is a small town that throws big parties. There seems to be a festival or dance almost every week. The season premiere will focus on a very important event: Elena’s 18th birthday. When Elena blows out the candles on her cake, Stefan will not be at her side. “Julie [Plec] and I wrote the first episode,” he said. “We really wanted to sort of establish [Stefan] in this ripper world with Klaus, and what their dynamic is. Stefan and Klaus, they have just as good chemistry together as Damon and Stefan. Damon and Klaus have great chemistry [too]. So I’m excited to see how that all swirls around Elena. And then when Katherine dips her toe in it…”


Damon and Elena Search for Stefan Elena and Damon will embark on an epic quest to bring Stefan home. Spending so much time together may persuade Elena to switch to Team Damon. “Damon and Elena bond in their efforts to find Stefan. It’s not so much about, ‘Are Damon and Elena going to fall madly in love and live happily ever after?’ It’s ‘Are Damon and Elena going to find the man they both love?’ If anything, the story is more about friendship,” he said.  Damon has a noble goal, but he will not become a good guy. “Damon’s always going to be one step forward, two steps back. He’s going to say, ‘Okay, so I’m the hero,’ and then kill three people. That’s not okay with Elena… He does things his way and he operates with his own rule book. It’s not a bad rule book. It’s just a deadly rule book.”

Jeremy and Bonnie Are Haunted Poor Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) finally found love with Bonnie (Kat Graham), only to have his dead vampire ex-girlfriends appear in his living room. “In season two, we left with [Jeremy] seeing dead people. That story plays out right from the get-go. We sort of launch into what exactly are these entities that Jeremy sees walking around his house. Are they ghosts? What kind of ghosts are they? What does a ghost mean to our supernatural world? What is our spin on it? Bonnie is front and center because in our mythology lore of the Originals, the witch is at the root of all that.”

The Tyler/Caroline/Matt Triangle Heats Up Matt (Zach Roerig) has often found himself as the odd man out, thanks to his lack of supernatural powers. This season, his feelings for Caroline (Candice Accola) will make him reconsider his anti-vampire stance. Williamson offered, “That triangle’s going to play out between Tyler (Michael Trevino), and Caroline and Matt, who’s our only resident human, who is now in the know: ‘My best friend is a werewolf and the girl I love is a vampire. Where do I fit in all this?’”

Source: xfinitytv.comcast.net/blogs/2011/tv-news/scoop-love-triangles-heat-up-in-third-season-of-vampire-diaries/
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