Lady Gaga accused of Bob Dylan plagiarism on new single cover


Lady Gaga’s latest single “You and I” is pretty much dead in Chicago. B96 has played it once and then discontinued the song from its airplay list (for now). It has also dropped on the national iTunes chart to number 117. But Lady Gaga’s biggest problem is that she is being accused of plagiarizing Bob Dylan for the single cover.

The cover to “You and I” features Lady Gaga dressed as a man looking almost exactly like Bob Dylan. “I guess she has run out of all her Madonna incarnations, so now she’s turning into Bob Dylan? This is an insult to our legend,” says poster DylanMasterful at the Bob Dylan Fan Site. The comments on aren’t any more impressive. One user notes that she liked Lady Gaga’s incarnation of Madonna vs. the Skunk better.

Lady Gaga has faced all sorts of criticism this year and besides plagiarism, has been accused of scamming charities, insulting Latinos, insulting Asians, cheating the music industry with her 99 cent album sale, and a lot more. Do you think she deserves all this vitriol?