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Coco sports pink scrubs and full make-up as she helps deliver little sister's baby

She has become famous for her larger than life personality and image on reality show Ice Loves Coco.

So it was no surprise that Coco cut a rather striking birthing parter as she helped her little sister Kristy Williams deliver her baby.
The 32-year-old model wore bright pink scrubs, a full face of makeup and a customised surgical mask in photographs posted up on her Twitter page.

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The episode showing Coco's dramatic delivery airs this Sunday on the latest edition of the E! series.

She posted pictures back in June showing her with her hair in a blonde braid while rubbing her sister's stomach.
Another photograph shows Coco helping Kristy through her contractions.
'Still no baby,Austin!This little guy just does not want to come out,'Snuggling w/ my sis thru her contractions,' she wrote on the caption.
And in another post she wrote: 'Dr.Coco at your service! Helping @angelbabynaz thru her Labor. I even have pink scrubs on.'

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And Coco - who has never been shy about showing off her body, also climbed half naked into the birthing pool to give her sister a soothing back rub.
'Kristy is having back-labor so I got in the birthing tub,' she wrote in the caption. 'A sisters got to go to great lengths for her best-friend.'

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The episode will show Coco and her rapper husband relaxing on a boat when Coco gets the call from her sister.
She makes the rapper turn the boat around and they speed towards the shore to get to the hospital in time.
The couple then jumped into Ice-T's sports car where Coco continues to panic.
'Oh God, if I miss this, I'm going to be so mad,' she tells her husband.
Coco, real name Nicole Austin, has been married to the rapper for ten years, and the pair were seen recently renewing their vows in an episode of the hit show.


I can't believe how moved I was by their vow renewal. Was anyone else surprised by Mariska Hargitay's "cameo"? I thought she was going to be like "I'm too good for this shit".
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