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Criminal Minds S7 Megapost

The following post contains SPOILERS. Not life-altering spoilers if you have been keeping up with the show and the cast, but

Isabella Hoffman to Guest Star

Criminal Minds
’ Agent Rossi (Joe Mantegna) will be taking a (likely painful) trip down memory lane in the upcoming seventh season when one of his three ex-wives comes back in to his life. Isabella Hofmann (Homicide Life on the Street) will play Rossi's first wife (sorry, no name) in a two-episode arc where she needs his help.

The new Criminal Minds showrunner, Erica Messer, confirmed the casting to TVLine while saying, “She’s the love of his life,” and “We’ll meet her in Episode 5.” Seems to me if Rossi is still in love with her that would explain the failure of subsequent marriages. How can you have a successful marriage when your heart yearns for someone else? More importantly, why would he let the love of his life go? You’d think that would be something he would fight for, and maybe he would have if he’d known he’d never find someone who could replace her. And what does she need from Rossi? In seven seasons we haven’t seen her and suddenly she needs something? It had better be important, especially if it’s going to last two episodes.

Paget's Return to Criminal Minds

With Paget Brewster rightfully restored to the cast, the first order of business this season is “resurrecting” Prentiss, whose death was faked so that she could evade arch nemesis Ian Doyle. “The first episode [airing Sept. 21] is about how I have to come back,” Brewster previewed for me, “and people are surprised.” Well, not everyone. After all, both J.J. and Hotch were in on the ruse. As for those left out of the circle of trust, “Some of the gang are peeved,” says Kirsten Vangsness, “but I’m just like, ‘Whee!’ Garcia is happy.” Still, it sounds like Reid, Rossi and/or Morgan might feel snubbed. As A.J. Cook teased (quite dramatically, bless her): “Relationships will unravel!”


If you follow me on Twitter, you know where I was yesterday. Not that I’m bragging — except I totally am. But while on set of Criminal Minds (aside from getting to talk to the entire amazing cast), I got to sit down with executive producer and showrunner Erica Messer and ask about the huge reactions we’ll see from the team as a result of the return of presumed-dead Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster).

“Because I’ve been with these guys from day one, we have a really good working relationship of the characters we’ve all created, so we had conversations,” she tells me. “I scripted it that everyone was going to have a huge reaction to her returning, but I’m not about to say, ‘Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) does this,’ ‘Garcia  (Kirsten Vangsness) does that.’ I only gave them words. Garcia says, ‘She’s alive.’ And Reid says, ‘But we buried her,’ because Garcia is very emotional and Reid is very logical.”

Messer said Morgan (Shemar Moore) will also struggle with the fact that he believes Hotch (Thomas Gibson) betrayed the team by telling them she was dead. And subsequently, Hotch “had to keep this secret from the team while they were pouring their hearts out. He’s burdened with that,” she says. “It’s a complicated tale. When secrets are kept, it’s natural to be complicated.

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