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princess consuela banana hammock

Something Witchy This Way Comes: Secret Circle's Britt Robertson and Gale Harold Spill Secrets

It's too bad the CW's Secret Circle doesn't really have anything going for it. No fan favorite actors. No über-producer with a proven track record like Kevin Williamson. Nothing beautiful whatsoever in its cinematography or cast. No, no. Nothing to see here, people. Just move along...

Or wait, sorry, actually there is everything to see here. And we suppose it's time for the Secret to get out. (See what we did there? We really had you going there, didn't we?! Can you tell the TCA all-day-all-night delirium has officially set in? Send meds please. Thanks.)

Ahem. I just sat down with the oh-so-endearing former Life Unexpected star Britt Robertson, who heads up Secret Circle, and the intriguing Gale Harold, who is fantastically creepy in his new gig as her nemesis, to talk about why you just might get sucked into Secret Circle, the new CW drama based on the book series, even if you think you're above such guilty pleasures...



I love the powerpuff girls, margaritas and older men that take me for granted.
Tags: interview, television - cw
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