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Ke$ha about to slay in Charlotte

Ke$ha aims her glitter cannons at Charlotte

Ke$ha's been accused of using too much Auto-Tune, of being a poor man's Lady Gaga, of corrupting her young fans with foul language.

But you can't accuse her of being boring. And you can't accuse the 24-year-old pop star of being lazy; she works every bit as hard as she plays (and she plays very hard).

The hitmaker behind earworms such as "Tik Tok" and "We R Who We R," Ke$ha is now 60 shows into her "Get $leazy" tour, which launched in February and has blitzed through Australia, Canada, Europe and the U.S. She played the Fillmore club in Charlotte April 19, and Wednesday will return to take the stage at a much bigger arena: the Time Warner Cable Uptown Amphitheatre.

We spoke by telephone with Ke$ha last month about her continuing fascination with glitter, the age-appropriateness of her concerts, and her very, very hardcore fans.

Q. Since you're at a bigger venue this time, will there be big differences in the show?

Oh, of course. I've added to the show a lot, 'cause a big stage and lots more people requires much more glitter.

Q. I assume you'll be bringing all your glitter cannons.

Oh, those aren't going anywhere. They just keep getting bigger, too.

Q. How far can your cannons shoot the stuff?

My backpack cannon, depending on the tank that we fix it to, can shoot, like, 40 feet. But then I have other cannons that ... you have to keep feeding them glitter, like gallons and gallons of glitter. I have glitter roadies. They're the ones that dump more and more glitter into the bigger cannons that shoot almost 100 feet. I also have giant balls of glitter. I really like glitter. I'm not kidding when I say I wanna cover the entire world with glitter.

Q. My sense of the show is that it is for mature audiences. True or false? How old does one need to be to come to a Ke$ha concert?

If you listen to my records, it's no surprise as to what I'm gonna have in my show. I have a little bit of a potty mouth, but it's all in good fun. And I do have (some R-rated props), but it's not sexy, it's just really funny. It's not like it's like a big, dirty, nasty, pervy show. ... So it's really up to your discretion as a parent.

Q. How much of what's in this show came out of your head?

It all came from me. I designed the outfits, I came up with the choreography, designed the lighting on a napkin at 4 a.m. with the same guy who did Daft Punk's lighting, I wrote every song, I play almost every instrument, I sing everything live. ... It's genuine, it's real. I'm not dancing around in high heels, I don't look perfect, it's not super meticulously choreographed. It's rowdy and chaotic at times ... and by the end of it everybody in my band is drenched in sweat.

Q. I read one review that said you opened your show by saying "I want to see you all on your worst behavior" - so... what's the worst behavior you've seen?

I did see this 85-year-old man with blue lipstick on chugging and shotgunning beers. After the show, he was barfing outside. That guy was so rock 'n' roll.

Q. You probably don't see many 85-year-old guys at your shows, I guess.

I wish I saw more, to be honest. ... Oh, I recently got proposed to at one of my shows. I think that was in London.

Q. Did you let him down easy?

No, I said yes. I'm engaged. Did I forget to tell you?

Q. How's the ring?

You know, it's nice. I think it might be plastic - but again, I don't need diamonds, that's fine.


I wanna be awesome like that when I'm 85, tbh.
And speaking of awesome, today in the segment "random Ke$ha demos": jiggy-jerkin' to THIS:

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