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Lindsay Lohan Wasn't Denied Backstage at Coldplay Show + Tickets Gift from Chris & Dating A Member!

Lindsay looking amazing (minus hair color, plz red plz) inside friend's Kim Kardashian bridal shower 

Lindsay Lohan didn't pay a single cent for her kickass seats at the Coldplay concert last night ... TMZ has learned they were given to her by lead singer Chris Martin himself.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us ... the two have been "good friends" for years ... and when LiLo found out about the show, she reached out to Chris in the hopes she could take her younger sister to watch the band play.

We're told Chris was more than happy to oblige -- and the band's manager confirms that Lindsay was hooked up with a couple of seats right near the stage.


Lindsay Lohan supposedly threw a fit on Wednesday night when she was banned from going backstage at the Coldplay concert in L.A., claims The Sun.

The British tab says Lohan “begged” for an all access pass, but was “turned away” by the band.

According to a supposed “source” for the paper, Lohan ”threw a complete wobbler” when she wasn’t let backstage, and “protested to the people running the guest list.”

(We’re not 100 percent sure what a “wobbler” is, but it doesn’t sound good.)

Anyway, The Sun claims Lohan ”got even more angry when she found out fellow actress Kate Bosworth was there mingling with Gwyneth Paltrow and the band… In the end she got so fed up, she stormed out.”


Not at all.

Lohan laughed off the rumor when Gossip Cop reached out to her.

And now we know why. A music source tells us Lohan is actually dating one of Coldplay’s band members.


pic source

EDIT: Apparently the lucky Coldplay member she's dating is Guy Berryman.

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