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Beautiful Person With New TV Show Post

PRESS TOUR: 'A Gifted Man' comes to CBS

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – The premise of CBS's "A Gifted Man" did not inspire confidence that it would be much of a show.

Carnegie Mellon University alum Patrick Wilson stars as Michael Holt, a brilliant, arrogant doctor whose ordered world starts to come undone when his dead ex-wife (Jennifer Ehle) begins appearing to him. It sounds like a maudlin "Ghost Whisperer" take-off -- and airs at 8 p.m. Friday, same night as "GW" --  but it plays better than that in the pilot episode.

"What excited all of us from the beginning of the show was the opportunity to tell stories that deal with the intersection of science and medicine and faith and fact," said executive producer Sarah Timberman. "This is a man of science grounded in the here and now and sprinkled around the edge is the inexplicable."

Wilson said he didn't know the history of CBS Friday nights -- home to "Ghost Whisperer" and "Medium" -- but he did realize it's a time slot with low ratings expectations.

"It made me feel like we have room to play," he said. "It wasn't one of those coveted, most-watched time slots of the week so I felt a lot of creative freedom because we've been given nothing but the most respect and love and long leash from CBS to give us real confidence to find our feet. We're dealing with some difficult issues and getting our tone right is something we'll set out to do in our first few episodes."

Margo Martindale, who's an Emmy nominee for playing Mags Bennett on the most recent season of "Justified," stars as Michael's assistant. But she'll get more to do than other TV assistants, according to producers.

"In episode two, something is revealed about her character," said executive producer Neal Baer. "She doesn't just give him his morning drink."

The series is set in and filmed in New York, but it was originally set in Los Angeles. Timberman said once it became known that Wilson would consider starring in "A Gifted Man," producers were willing to change the setting. (Wilson lives in New York.)

"If he wanted to shoot it in Pittsburgh, we'd shoot it there," said Timberman, who executive produced the "Justified" pilot that filmed in Western Pennsylvania.

"I love Pittsburgh," Wilson said. "I went to college there."


I will check it out to support my bb Patrick
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