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ONTD sleuths assemble

#1. We have heard that this B list television actor has gotten very deep into the New Age community. He is sleeping with several of the women that practice it with him and has them convinced that he’s some sort of spiritual leader. They are all into it. You know who is not into it? His wife and kids who have no idea. Guesses include David Boreanaz and Hugh Laurie

#2. Which celebrity was discovered getting up to no good with someone else’s lady in the toilets at Kate Moss’ wedding? Guesses include Rhys Ifans and Jude Law 

#3. This married nightly talk show host is perceived to be a goody goody. Truth is that within the past few weeks he had a female guest on his show simply because he was trying to have sex with her. It worked. 
Guesses include Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon, Piers Morgan (lol) and Craig Ferguson 

#4.Which showbiz desk used to boast of enjoying long and boozy Friday lunches followed by the afternoon taking c*caine and hacking into celebrities’ voicemails? Guesses are the Daily Mirror's 3am Girls, the Sun's Bizarre and the News of the World

#5.You know Guy 1 very well. He’s primarily known as a small screen guy. He’s done very well professionally, and has made a ton of money. He is good-looking. He’s currently dating a woman who is less famous.

You also know Guy 2 very well. He’s primarily known as a small screen guy. He’s done very well professionally, and has made good money. He is very good-looking. He’s currently married to a woman who is less famous .

They sound very similar, right? Then why were we so surprised to find out that the two men are actually a couple? Don’t know. We just never put the two men together.

#5. But they are together. Guy 1 was visiting Guy 2 at work. An employee walked in on the two men engaged in a hot and heavy make out session. The two men were embarrassed, but said to the shocked employee, “You’re not going to tell anyone, are you?” The flustered employee simply muttered “Excuse me”, and backed out of the room. On the way out, the employee bumped into Beard 2, who clearly knew what was going on in the other room. She noticed the expression on the employee’s face and snapped, “Oh, don’t act so surprised! You work in Hollywood.”

An extra clue:

Guy 2 was on the same television show as Beard 1.

An extra extra clue:

Although Guy 1 isn’t out, he’s frequently out. That statement would make perfect sense if it the punctuation was different

Guesses are nobody has a scooby

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