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Breaking Bad - Exclusive IMDB Clip for 4.04+News on the show's future

The video on IMDB won't embed so click Here to go to the page and watch the 3 minute clip of this Sunday's episode of Breaking Bad on AMC 10pm est.

Breaking Bad Could Have Two More Seasons
Breaking Bad, AMC, and Sony are in the final phases of negotiating the show's end game. For a hot minute there it looked like the meth-drama might be heading to a different network, but according to Deadline "all sides feel confident that Breaking Bad will return to AMC" for its final season. Or maybe seasons: AMC has upped its offer to thirteen episodes, but now Sony is "looking for more" and is pushing for thirteen to twenty additional episodes, possibly broken into two seasons. More Breaking Bad! Oh, for the love of all that is holy, give us more Breaking Bad.

Source: IMDB.com + Vulture/NY Mag
Tags: breaking bad / better call saul (amc), television - amc

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